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The strive to properly compensate people is among the challenges that companies face every day. Having access to information that can help in the development of a competitive compensation policy makes a great difference. Compensation Surveys are among the most applied resources for defining salaries, incentives and benefits.

Carreira Muller relies on ConsultaSalarial® to provide access to data from more than 1,000 companies, located in the main urban centers, cities and state capitals. The survey data reflects companies' behavior, allowing you to analyze data in an efficient way, and based on it, be able to apply strategic management and compensation in your company.

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A custom-made survey, that's how this service offered by Carreira Muller can be defined. Our goal is to develop custom surveys and studies, formatted to meet your organization's needs, focused on the whole company, or on a specific area.

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A kind of compensation survey offered by Carreira Muller that offers the same information, advantages and possibilities as ConsultaSalarial® does, but exclusively to a specific group or economic sector.

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